Out To Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc.
We not only ease their pain, we touch their hearts.
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Donation Wish List
OTP deals with hospice and critical care animals who have specialized diets and needs - this is why we specify Brand names of certain items which have been recommended by our vets or that we have found over the years work the best for their purpose. These items are noted in Red.

Treats or Gift certificate
                                 (click on name to view locations)

   Lafeber Tropical Fruit Nutri-berries.
   - Toys for large birds.
   -  Zupreem Fruit Blend - African Grey food.

  Dr. Elsey's cat litter.
  - Friskies - canned food(not shredded).
  - Toys.
  - Scratching posts.
  - Cat condos or trees.
  - Catnip items.
  - Wellness - kitten & cat canned food.
  -  Fancy Feast - canned food.

  - Beds - unused.
  - Hard toys (i.e. kongs).
  Pampers diapers - sizes 2 through 6.
  Wellness - canned food.
  - Poise pads - extra long.
  - Puppy pads.
  - Blue Buffalo - canned food.
  - Senior dog biscuits - small/medium sized.
  - Science Diet -mature adult small bites (dry).
  GoodNites Girls underpants - XL size.
  - Science Diet - mature canned dog food.

Other items:
   - Latex-free exam gloves (small/medium size).
   Scotch premium performance packaging tape.
   - Bounty paper towels.
   - Postage stamps.
   - Styrofoam bowls.
   - Gift certificates to: (Click on name to view locations)