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Out To Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc.
We not only ease their pain, we touch their hearts
Many people question why I choose to provide care for 
special needs animals when there are so many healthy animals that are in need of the same.

     My response is to ask a simple question of them - if they had a friend, family member or knew of someone that was elderly, abused, 
terminally ill and/or physically challenged would they not want them
 to be provided with a loving home and the care they required?

I find it sad that I am asked this question at all because it shows me that there is still a part of society who has not yet learned how to deal with or accept this population - the population of animals that are different from the rest and shunned because of their abnormalities.

     Regardless if an animal is healthy or has special needs they still love us unconditionally so why should we not do so in return.  They deserve the right
 to become part of a family, our companions and sometimes our guides.  And for these simple reasons alone, they deserve the chance to live their lives to the fullest with as much love, dignity and ease from pain as possible.

     All of our charges are fully supported for as long as they are able to
 live a quality life; however, I believe that no animal should experience unnecessary pain or suffering simply to prolong its life.

                                           Carrie Haggart