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2018 Calendar
Through the eyes of an animal...

2018 Calendar
Every donation of $100 and over will receive a free calendar.
(limit one per family)

$15.00 each
Shipping/packing per calendar -
1 = $2.11
2 =  2.95
3 =  3.58
                                                                            4-10 =  6.65 (flat rate priority mail)

If you want to order a different amount of calendars than noted above please contact us via e-mail at:

You can either pay by check:
Out to Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 310174
Newington, CT  06131-0174


via Paypal:

If you are interested in helping us sell the calendars please contact 
Carrie at the above noted e-mail address.

Out to Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc.
...if you look at the world through innocent eyes, you will see the joy and wonder in simple everyday things.
2018 OTP Calendar